The Science of Licking a 9V Battery - News - SparkFun Electronics - Lick a 9 volt battery

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There are plenty of things you should lick in this world: Ice cream from the But if you lick a rectangular 9-volt battery, touching both the positive. Hell, I convinced my 3 yr old daughter to put a 9-volt on her tongue. She thought it was hysterical, did it several times, went out and got her cousins to do it.

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By Arashigore - 03:41 › Is-it-safe-to-lick-nine-volt-batteries.
By Yozshudal - 21:37
Well you test the battery power by licking the terminals of it. But only below 15 Originally Answered: Is licking a 9V battery dangerous? LMAO!!! No! If its all.
By Moogugul - 07:42
When I was growing up, touching your tongue on a 9V battery was standard procedure to tell if the battery was still good. If you felt nothing, it was bad; if you felt.
By Kazrazilkree - 08:15
Rumor has it that there's a certain number of deaths each year from victims licking 9 volt batteries. This is totally untrue. I'm sure you guessed.

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