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Where it mixes with other fluids to form semen (also called “cum” or “jism” or “jiz​"), At different times, the semen might be any color from white to clear, and it can be thick or thin. Pre-ejaculate is a fluid that oozes out of the penis before ejaculation. It does not contain sperm on its own but it may include a small amount of. This fluid may sometimes contain sperm, which is why it is important to use a condom or another form of contraception to prevent unintended.

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By Kazill - 10:54
Like everyone else here, I'm trying to decipher your question so that I can better answer it. Do you mean leaking out of the vagina, or continuing to leak from the penis? . Can bring some of their own ejaculation out when withdrawing. .. that her vagina is gonna magically gonna hold it all like some kind of fleshy pocket.
By Taugis - 04:05 › books.
By Nik - 20:27
Listen up sisters: cum is not the most nutritional form of protein naturally produced. If you choose to participate in such behaviors, do so because of your own And trust me, the brother blew off enough cum to have it oozing out my ears and.
By Neran - 16:18
How common is it for semen to immediately drip out of the vagina? to keep it inside her vagina forever, like his own personal Svalbard Global.

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