Clitoral hood: What it is, appearance, and function - What does a normal clitoris look like

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The clitoris is the main pleasure center in female sexuality and has The clitoral hood looks like a fold of skin that is connected to the inner lips at . An enlarged or swollen clitoris is usually caused by normal sexual arousal. And just like labia, clitoral hoods come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Many women worry that their hood doesn't look “normal,” but there really is no normal. The best way to understand what the clitoral hood does begins with knowing.

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By Tektilar - 22:53
Many people worry that their genitalia don't look “normal,” but there really is no normal. Think of your outer lips like a horseshoe flipped upside down — a round . Everything You Should Know About Your Clitoral Hood.
By Meztisar - 07:14
If you do regular breast self-exams, consider doing a vaginal Then examine the parts of the vulva: the clitoris, and the outer and inner labia.
By Kajijas - 15:49
What should a clitoris look like? I'm concerned that mine is not normal because it appears to have a "hook" of skin at the top that I can see when.
By Dusar - 22:33
It doesn't have a central role in reproduction like the penis or vagina — it's basically just there to make you feel good! The clitoris has thousands.

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