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Sexual anatomy that's typically called male includes your penis and scrotum (​external male genitalia) and internal reproductive organs like the testicles. The external male genitalia include the penis, urethra, and scrotum.​ The internal male genitalia include the seminal vesicle, testes, vas deferens, epididymis, prostate, bulbourethral gland, and ejaculatory duct.​ The penis is the main part of external male genitalia, which has both.

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By Kigakinos - 20:28
Penis: This is the male organ used in sexual intercourse. It has three parts: the root, which attaches to the wall of the abdomen; the body.
By Dagor - 07:00
Drugs, environmental factors, genetics, age, and disease can affect how these structures function, for example, sexual function and libido, enlarged prostate.
By Douzil - 19:33
Male anatomy Male reproductive system. Details. Identifiers. Latin, systema genitale masculinum. MeSH · D · TA · A · FMA · · Anatomical terminology. [edit on Wikidata]. The male reproductive system consists of a number of sex organs that play a role in the process.
By Gardalmaran - 00:46
The male reproductive anatomy includes internal and external structures. Penis — The penis is the male organ for sexual intercourse.

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