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If you have acute pericarditis, the most common symptom is sharp, stabbing. Pericarditis often causes chest pain and sometimes other symptoms. is sharp, stabbing chest pain behind the breastbone or in the left side of your chest. Sharp, piercing chest pain over the center or left side of the chest.

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Pain in the left side of your chest may be caused by an underlying heart, digestive, You can usually ease heartburn with over-the-counter antacids. bruising of the chest wall; fractured breastbone (sternum); fractured ribs.
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In this article, we explore possible causes of intermittent chest pain, how to tell when Chest pain may arise and subside every few minutes or over several days. . chest pain, they should contact emergency services right away. Some people experience breast or nipple pain as the body adjusts in the.
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This article looks at the different causes of pain under the left breast, their As the heart is situated slightly to the left of the midline in the upper body, pain Over-the-counter (OTC) medications, such as antacids, can help.
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Some of the common causes of chest pain can be anxiety attacks, angina, lung a heart attack, or if you have the symptoms above and haven't been diagnosed with the joints between the cartilage that joins the ribs to the breastbone (​sternum). which can cause a sudden sharp pain in the upper right side of your tummy.

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