How To Care For Your Child's Foreskin | KidsHealth NZ - Newborns care of the uncircumcised penis

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At birth, the penis consists of a cylindrical shaft with a rounded end called the glans.​ The section of the penile skin that covers the glans is called the foreskin or prepuce.​ Infant Smegma: Skin cells from the glans of the penis and the inner foreskin are shed throughout life. I'm not planning to have my newborn circumcised. How should I care for his uncircumcised penis? Answer From Erik P. Castle, M.D.. In an uncircumcised penis.

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By Kajisho - 13:15
If it's your first time caring for a baby boy, you might feel a bit unsure about the right way to care for his genitals. But don't worry -- it's pretty.
By Nagar - 20:33
Find out what to do (and what not to do) when caring for your newborn's uncircumcised penis. Let nature takes it course!
By Dotaur - 13:12
Our son is not circumcised. When will his foreskin retract? In the first several years your son's foreskin will separate from the tip of the penis.
By Brak - 07:50
Should circumcision become necessary after the newborn period, general Rinsing the head of the penis and inside fold of the foreskin with.

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